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Emerging Neighborhoods


Convene. Inform. Demonstrate.

Emerging Neighborhoods is an opportunity for a community to access analysis and mapping resources of the Geospatial Collaborative and the community expertise and tools from ROGUE Communities. 

This project will examine gaps in opportunities in six focus areas and through partnerships with local organizations apply interventions that test ideas in new ways and create a shared vision for long-term success.

Focus areas include:

  • Housing
  • Justice & Equity
  • Mobility
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Health & Safety
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Walkabout Talkabout Community Mapping Tool

The Walkabout Talkabout is a sixteen page walking guide to help neighborhood members of all ages better identify, understand and appreciate the place where they live.  It offers suggestions for gathering stories, observing outdoor activities, and experiencing the energies of a neighborhood. 

The Walkabout Talkabout was developed by Community Renaissance in collaboration with Pima County (Arizona) Ending Poverty Now program, the Geospatial Collaborative, the Partnership for Equity and Civic Engagement (PECE) and the Limberlost Neighborhood Association (Tucson, Arizona). A short reading list and link to more information is included in the booklet. A free copy, available to download here or at .


Limberlost Family Park Wellness Walking Path


In October 2017 the Fengshui Wellness Walking Path was dedicated at the Limberlost Family Park in Tucson, Arizona. 

As an outcome of the 2016 and 2017 #dohappytoday International Days of Happiness Celebrations, City of Tucson Parks and Recreation, FengShui Planning and the Limberlost Neighborhood collaboratively designed Tucson's first FengShui Wellness Walking Path.  This handicap accessible path was coordinated by Community Renaissance/Partnership for Equity and Civic Engagement. 

ROGUE Communities and Geospatial Collaborative were proud to celebrate with the community for this wonderful event.