ROGUE Impact Initiative

Our goal is to move 20% of the Tucson population from 100% to 200% of the poverty guidelines.

Although we have the tools to make this happen, we can’t do it by ourselves. You and your organizations are the puzzle pieces, we’re here to help put the puzzle together.

Support GEOSPATIAL Collaborative & ROGUE

Your financial support enables us to:

  • Provide FREE access to social impact analysis and maps

  • Monitor economic, environmental and social sustainability goals and measurements

  • Monitor impact metrics and performance

  • Provide support to investors and service agencies for impact indicators

  • Manage Innovation Labs to identify organizations and solutions to achieve outcome improvement

We need your financial support to help Tucson communities achieve an improved quality of life.

  • We appreciate support of any size.

  • Supporters over $5,000 will receive a personalized assessment of their organization’s social impact (data size restrictions apply) and recommendations for future strategies.

  • Supporters over $20,000 can access sub-census tract analysis results.