ROGUE Communities 

ROGUE Communities assists organizations and communities build capacity and realize opportunities toward growth, unity, and equity.


In neighborhoods that seek our help, ROGUE Communities uses active engagement strategies to

  • Build leadership,
  • Identify opportunities for directed community investment, and
  • Unify community stakeholders.

Our practices and relationships identify the societal value of neighborhood contributions to cities and regions.



Our practices help communities reconnect with each other, their culture, and their value. Communities always have “needs” but ROGUE Communities is really focused on improving access and capacity. Our initiatives develop solutions that improve well-being and expand the range of opportunities and choices open to populations and communities.  The goal is to leverage assets and capacities to diminish income and social inequality, lead to new structures of opportunity, and provide new possibilities toward educational and political empowerment.

ROGUE Network members are resources that may volunteer for local community building events, provide a fresh perspective on solutions or interventions, or provide directed funding to a well-defined strategy.  The key to our work is that it is either resident-led or resident-collaborated.  Network members include the neighborhoods in which we work, corporations, government agencies, nonprofits and individuals.



ROGUE Communities serves as the outreach vehicle for Geospatial Collaborative LLC. Using shared resources and expertise, our conversations and strategies within communities are informed by the data and information tools developed within the Geospatial Collaborative.

ROGUE Communities is directly supported from Geospatial Collaborative social impact strategy services, from directed project investments, and through a designated percentage of Geospatial Collaborative revenue. 



Our impact in neighborhoods is measured across a spectrum of engagement. Let’s be honest, if you consider how things are funded or what issue gains attention it typically originates from some data point. Therefore, the more engaged a community is the more likely (and easier) they will have access to resources. The fun in our work is in figuring out creative solutions that increase engagement.  Additionally, we have built our own tool to quantify local opportunity based upon these changes in engagement.




You probably won’t like this answer, but it depends. Each year we pick four projects, two each in January and August.  For these projects we provide a fixed set of services for free that help to move organizations and communities toward the goal of Box D in our service needs matrix (click on the link to determine if you need our services).  These projects are funded by social impact funds and members of the ROGUE Network.

If you still need our help but aren’t selected as one of the projects during our competitive period, we can still provide you with services.  We offer many options to help subsidize our consulting costs, please contact us for additional details.


Emerging Neighborhoods Project (Nominations open January and August)

Emerging Neighborhoods Project assesses capacity to develop solutions that improve people’s well-being and expand the range of opportunities and choices open to them. Significant community development only takes place when local community people are committed to investing themselves and their resources in an effort. The first step in our process is that we are invited in, because quality communities aren’t developed from the top down or from the outside in. We then gain an understanding of community assets and values and, finally, work with the community to complete an actual project that lends to improving capacity.  Through this process, we begin to identify equity issues and use our data tools to start conversations that lead to developing solutions, collaborating with the right stakeholders, and implementing interventions. We teach communities how to actively develop their own assets.