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Advanced Land-Use Analysis Textbook

Advanced Land-Use Analysis for Regional Geodesign: Using LUCISplus
By Paul D. Zwick, Iris E. Patten, Abdulnaser Arafat

Advanced Land-Use Analysis for Regional Geodesign: Using LUCISplus is the follow-up book to Smart Land-Use Analysis: The LUCIS Model (Esri Press, 2007).

Both are important works in the growing field of geodesign and smart land-use planning.

This book, like its predecessor, shows how geographic information systems (GIS) software and technology are used to analyze land-use suitability, stakeholder preferences, and conflicts between competing land interests. Topics include the transportation/land-use interplay; the identification of urban mixed-use opportunities; land-use disasters (hurricanes, storm surge, flooding, and wind damage); and the land-use implications of sea level rise. This book could work both as a stand-alone or a second-stage reference for readers versed in the first book. 

Advanced Land-Use Analysis for Regional Geodesign is an important guide for land-use planners, analysts, and advanced GIS students who want to explore an original, proven method that enables smart and effective land-use policy and decision-making. 

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