Partner With Us

The Geospatial Collaborative is an ideal partner for furthering community based quality of life goals and exposing under-represented populations to the potential of using data and spatial analysis in achieving social impact. Our core staff has diverse experience in communities around the world and has a unique understanding of how transformative change and collaboration happens with the scaled use of data and information. We also have a keen sense of where and how partners of all kinds can advance the best ideas for collective community change. 

There are many ways to partner with Geospatial Collaborative - by aligning with a ROGUE Communities project/initiative through local-level pro-bono and volunteer engagements to multi-year vision partnerships that help us achieve our core values around the world. Some partners help us find and support interventions for neighborhoods that encourage community and address basic quality of life needs. 

With every partner, we seek to achieve collaboration through respectful and trusted relationships with a shared goal of improving livability, opportunity, and encouraging a more just and equitable world.

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