Our Vision

Why us?


Whether we are assisting corporations or communities the formula is the same: we only help where we are invited, listening is usually more important than speaking, and information and knowledge are power!

We do many things but at the core of our work is to unify communities and populations around a shared goal to build leaders and increase the ability to improve well-being and quality of life.  The unique aspect of our work is the ability to connect data and information to decision-making for the populations we serve as well as for the organizations who need to understand the breadth of an issue or circumstance.

The most honest way to describe the people and work of the Geospatial Collaborative and ROGUE Communities is that we are a ragtag group of talented people who have a knack for tackling offbeat and challenging projects; where others see obstacles, we see opportunities.


  • One act of generosity changes many things.

  • Learning crushes knowing. (We borrowed this one from Y Scouts)

  • Access to quality knowledge and information shouldn’t be limited by race, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status or geography.

  • Be authentic – To ourselves, the communities we engage with, and with how our communities are represented in the product and services we deliver.


Iris E. Patten
Founder & Principal