Engage with ROGUE Impact

Large or small, existing local organizations that provide social services and community development are vital to the success of ROGUE Communities. It’s not our intent to “recreate the wheel” but we do like to encourage collaboration and shared capacities. If your organization would like to be considered for engagement with ROGUE Impact:

  1. Join our community organization database. Regardless of your capacity, we want to know who you are, who you serve, and your mission. We use our database to connect with resources when new projects arise or if there is available funding for specific interventions.

  2. During the year we notify individuals from our database of upcoming projects with associated funding opportunities. We believe wholeheartedly in collaboration but by engaging with us you also agree that:

    • ROGUE is either leading or co-leading each project.

    • You must report your progress and outcomes using an assessment and evaluation tool that we provide.

    • Your participation in our project may also require a commitment of your organization in mentoring or professional development (we also like to see increased capacity of our partner organizations).

  3. If we choose to work with your organization, we ask that you sign a Collaborative Agreement that outlines the terms of our relationship, the funding we will provide, the scope of our respective services, and the financial commitment of both parties.

If you’d like to go ROGUE, join our community organization database.