This training walks students through the basic process of developing goals and objectives through spatial analysis and creating a conflict map. Specific course topics include:

Topic 1:               Understanding the LUCIS framework

Understanding the basics of measuring suitability

Identifying your stakeholders                  

Developing a statement of intent, goals, objectives, and sub-objectives

Topic 2:               Identifying data for modeling

Topic 3:               Binary and proximity-based analysis

Topic 4:               Building your suitability models

Topic 5:               Evaluating suitability

Topic 6:               Determining Conflict

Topic 7:               Answering questions using the final conflict map


Pre-requisites:  All students must have a working knowledge of geographic information systems and working in ArcGIS 10.x.

Software: This course will use ArcGIS 10.6.  Students will need to provide their own copy of the software, it is not provided by Geospatial Collaborative LLC or this course instructor.  The course utilizes several ArcGIS extensions (in addition to the basic ArcGIS toolboxes), including: Spatial Analyst and Geostatistical Analyst.  Students will need to have authorized these extensions with their license.

Textbook: This course follows concepts described in the book, Smart Land-Use Analysis: The LUCIS Model. Land Use Conflict Identification Strategy (2007 by Margaret Carr and Paul Zwick)

Course Delivery Information:

Each Tuesday and Thursday at 10a (Mountain Time) courses will be delivered Live using the Zoom Conference information provided at registration. Each session will include a short lecture, demonstrations, and Q&A. Generally, each session will last one (1) hour but additional time is provided at the end for students to work through individual problems they have or, given consensus of the group, continue with successive topics.  Course topics and content is subject to change given general scheduling and mastering of topics.

Each session is recorded and available on the class website provided during registration or future viewing.

Individualized or group support is available for up to 3 hours each week and can include discussion of applying LUCIS to specific projects or content covered in class. Additional time beyond the three (3) hours is subject to additional fees.

Course Fees:

Course fees are non-refundable.