Social Impact Strategies

Our tools are designed for use by professionals and neighbors to understand their community in a simple way.  Our Community Opportunity Tool identifies accessiblity/cost challenges and potential associated with residents achieving a livable quality of life.  These tools are used to understand the return on investment (ROI) of direct impact dollars your company spends in a community.

We review your existing social impact methods and investments to develop a tailored strategy to help you achieve organizational goals and determine your social and environmental value.  Our network of leading experts in the fields of economics, finance, energy, sustainability, planning and development, design, engineering and marketing allows us to provide solution that are creative and cutting edge. 

Through our internal outreach vehicle, ROGUE Communities, we understand and evaluate community needs and value from the ground up. Our strategies aren't based upon idealized solutions developed in a conference room, we develop our solutions and recommend social impact investment options using real communities from our on-the-ground work. 



Strategic Decision Planning

Smart decision planning integrates everything - connecting people, processes and the things and data about them. Add geography or spatial reference to this system and you have smart system that allows you to analyze relationships between phenomena and visualize them to create understanding and add value.  It's a framework within which we can design and plan for the future. Understand the consequences then take to decision-makers who implement the actions and actualize it in communities, organizations, and in business.

We review your existing practice or problem and provide guidance on how to maximize your organization's business intelligence.  Our strategies may be as simple as re-tooling your process or may include developing a tool that leverages the interconnection of data and information, people, and geography.  

Our decision planning services liberate data and numbers to reveal the underlying stories in business, neighborhoods, cities and regions.  We excel in designing and implementing decision-support tools.


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