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Oury Pool has contributed to the rich culture and history of Barrio Anita and the City of Tucson since 1936.  Through a collaborative community effort, the pool will be reopened in 2019. Learn more about the history of the pool and ways you can help restore this cultural icon.



ROGUE Communities applies a solution-based approach to addressing community concerns that re-frames problems in human-centric ways. Learn more about the specific tools and projects that are contributing to changing opportunity and quality of life in Barrio Anita.

People and Place

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A community's future is only as bright as the appreciation of and lessons learned from the past. Learn more about the rich cultural significance of Barrio Anita and the connections to Tucson's history that run deep.

Asset Mapping

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We work with communities, we don't work on communities.  To understand community from the perspective of those who experience it most often is key. Our simple community asset mapping tool helps to identify access and equity opportunities. From that feedback, we visually illustrate physical assets, develop value statements representative of collective culture and gain a better understanding of community potential. 

Join the Conversation

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Listen to perspectives from neighbors and professionals on issues affecting Barrio Anita.